Hamilton vs. Wicked – A Fight For The Heart of NYC

If you are reading this you are likely very interested in Broadway Theater, so you likely know about the meteoric rise of Hamilton the Musical.  Heck, even if you aren’t interested in Broadway you’ve probably heard of Hamilton, since it’s become one of the most transcendent and popular musicals in history.  It’s attracted attention from across the country and broadened the audience from NYC residents and tourists to essentially everyone with access to the Internet.  It’s been a truly magnificent rise, and as theater advocates we wish it nothing but continued success.

However, the question we are posing today is whether the core NYC Broadway fans have been entirely swayed from the longstanding front-runner, Wicked the Musical.  Wicked has long been the most popular musical on broadway, and has only recent been eclipsed by Hamilton.  One article reported Hamilton surpassing Wicked ticket prices by up to 1000% percent (or more) on secondary markets.

So it’s obvious that the current trend, pretty much everywhere, is Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton.  But what about Wicked?  Is Hamilton just a passing trend to be outlasted by the staying power of the 10th longest running show in Broadway history?  Are Hamilton fans “posers” and Wicked fans more hardcore musical theater fans?  We’ve set out to find out from our audience and see what they think.  Chances are our readers have been avid theater fans, both Broadway and off-broadway, for years, so we think they will have a good say as the authenticity of this new reality?

So if you’d like to take part in our poll, just fill out this form and let us know!  We’ll publish the results in a few weeks (or after we’ve collected a sizeable sample):

Is Hamilton a passing fad?
 Yes No

Does Wicked still hold the "heart" of NYC theater enthusiasts?
 Yes No

Any other comments?

wicked_the_musical   vs.  hamilton_the_musical